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Cyborgs   2
Cyborgs Drama   3
Cyborgs In Literature : Haney, William S.; eBooks  2006 1
Cyborgs In Mass Media : Toffoletti, Kim.; eBooks  2007 1
Cyborgs Juvenile Fiction   2
Cycads Classification : eBooks  c2004 1
  Cyceron -- See Cicero, Marcus Tullius
  Cyceron Marek Tulliusz -- See Cicero, Marcus Tullius
  Cycle Duruguay 1987 1994 -- See Uruguay Round (1987-1994)
  Cycle Hydrologic -- See Hydrologic cycle
  Cycle Sleep Wake -- See Sleep-wake cycle
  Cycles -- 8 Related Subjects   8
Cycles   3
  Cycles Bicycles -- See Bicycles
  Cycles Circadian -- See Circadian rhythms
  Cycles Life Biology -- See Life cycles (Biology)
  Cycles Literature -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Cycles Literature   4
  Cycles Song -- See Song cycles
Here are entered musical works composed in the form of the song cycle. A second heading for medium is assigned, e.g. Songs (Medium voice) with piano.
  Cyclic Theory -- See Cycles
  Cycling -- See Also Bicycles
Cycling   2
Cycling Accident Victims Alaska Biography : Shumaker, Peggy,; eBooks  c2007 1
Cycling Economic Aspects United States : Blue, Elly,; Book/Printed Material  2013 1
Cycling Environmental Aspects : eBooks  2012 1
Cycling For Women United States History Juvenile Literature : Macy, Sue.; Book/Printed Material  c2011 1
Cycling Juvenile Fiction : Bradbury, Jennifer.; Book/Printed Material  c2008 1
Cycling Periodicals   4
Cycling Safety Measures Juvenile Literature : Boelts, Maribeth,; eBooks  1997 1
Cycling Training : Friel, Joe.; eBooks  c1998 1
Cycling United States Periodicals : Periodicals    1
Cyclists Biography   2
  Cyclization Chemistry -- See Ring formation (Chemistry)
  Cycloaddition -- See Ring formation (Chemistry)
  Cycloids Mixed Chemistry -- See Heterocyclic compounds
Cyclone Damage : Movies/Video  2011 1
  Cyclones -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Cyclones : Movies/Video  2011 1
Cyclones Tropics : eBooks  2010 1
  Cyclonic Storms -- See Cyclones
Works on strong tropical cyclones of the North Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans are entered under Hurricanes; those of the northwestern Pacific Ocean under Typhoons.
  Cyclopean Remains -- See Megalithic monuments
  Cyclopedias -- See Encyclopedias and dictionaries
Here are entered comprehensive reference works in the English language consisting of explanatory articles arranged alphabetically or topically and not limited to a specific topic. Works of this type in other languages are entered under headings of the type Encyclopedias and dictionaries, [language], e.g. Encyclopedias and dictionaries, French; Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Spanish. Works about encyclopedias and dictionaries in general, and works about English-language encyclopedias and dictionaries, are entered under Encyclopedias and dictionaries with further subdivision, e.g. Encyclopedias and dictionaries--History and criticism. Works consisting of comprehensive alphabetical lists of the words of a specific language, usually with definitions, are entered under the heading for the language with subdivision Dictionaries, e.g. English language--Dictionaries. Works about dictionaries of a specific language are entered under the heading for the language with subdivision Lexicography, e.g. English language--

--subdivisions Dictionaries or Encyclopedias under subjects
  Cyclopentaphenanthrene -- See Also Steroids
Cyclopes Greek Mythology : Movies/Video  2012 1
Cyclopes Greek Mythology Drama : Euripides.; eBooks  2001 1
Cyclopoida Australia : Karanovic, Tomislav.; eBooks  2008 1
Cyclopolymerization : eBooks  c2013 1
  Cyclotron Resonance -- See Also Plasma radiation
Cyclotrons : Trakhtengerts, V. IU.; eBooks  2008 1
Cyclotrons New York State Ithaca : Doing, Park,; eBooks  c2009 1
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