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Tj 163.2 S33 2007 Eb : Scheer, Hermann,; eBooks     
      Energy autonomy [electronic resource] : the economic, social and technological case for renewable ene   eBooks 2007
Tj 163.23 E59 2012 : Enz, Tammy.; Book/Printed Material     
      Harness it : invent new ways to harness energy and nature / by Tammy Enz. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 2012
Tj 163.25 U6 A464 2009 Eb : eBooks     
      America's energy future [electronic resource] : technology and transformation / Committee on America'   eBooks c2009
Tj 163.25 U6 B44 : Book/Printed Material     
      Beyond oil : the threat to food and fuel in the coming decades / John Gever ... [et al.]. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1986
Tj 163.25 U6 B58 2010 : Black, Brian,; Book/Printed Material     
      Alternative energy / Brian C. Black and Richard Flarend. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2010
Tj 163.25 U6 K73 : Krenz, Jerrold H.,; Book/Printed Material     
      Energy, from opulence to sufficiency / Jerrold H. Krenz. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1980
Tj 163.25 U6 N382 : National Research Council (U.S.).; Book/Printed Material     
      Energy in transition, 1985-2010 : final report of the Committee on Nuclear and Alternative Energy Sys Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1980
Tj 163.25 U6 P76 : Book/Printed Material     
      Prospects for energy in America / edited by Eric F. Oatman. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1980
Tj 163.3 H38 2010 Eb : Harvey, Leslie Daryl Danny,; eBooks     
      Energy and the new reality 1 [electronic resource] : energy efficiency and the demand for energy serv   eBooks 2010
Tj 163.3 H3825 2010 Eb : Harvey, Leslie Daryl Danny,; eBooks     
      Energy and the new reality. 2, Carbon-free energy supply [electronic resource] / L.D. Danny Harvey.   eBooks 2010
Tj 163.3 W45 1998 : Weizsäcker, Ernst U. von; Book/Printed Material     
      Factor four : doubling wealth - halving resource use : the new report to the Club of Rome / Ernst von Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1998
Tj 163.35 H62 2009 : Hock, Peggy,; Book/Printed Material     
      Our Earth : helping out / by Peggy Hock. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2009
Tj 163.35 H63 2008 : Hock, Peggy,; Book/Printed Material     
      Our Earth : saving energy / by Peggy Hock. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2009
Tj 163.4 U6 K78 2009 : Krupp, Fred.; Book/Printed Material     
      Earth, the sequel : the race to reinvent energy and stop global warming / Fred Krupp and Miriam Horn. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2009
Tj 163.5 B84 D8 : Dubin, Fred S.; Book/Printed Material     
      How to save energy and cut costs in existing industrial and commercial buildings : an energy conserva Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1976
Tj 163.5 B84 F52 : Flavin, Christopher.; Book/Printed Material     
      Energy and architecture : the solar and conservation potential / Christopher Flavin. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1980
Tj 163.5 B84 H364 2006 Eb : Harvey, Leslie Daryl Danny,; eBooks     
      A handbook on low-energy buildings and district-energy systems [electronic resource] : fundamentals,   eBooks 2006
Tj 163.5 B84 R545 2009 Eb : Ries, Charles.; eBooks     
      Improving the energy performance of buildings [electronic resource] : learning from the European Unio   eBooks 2009
Tj 163.5 H67 W55 2009 Eb : Wilson, Harold.; eBooks     
      Water & energy management [electronic resource] / Harold Wilson.   eBooks 2009
Tj 163.9 D3 2009 : Da Rosa, Aldo Vieira.; Book/Printed Material     
      Fundamentals of renewable energy processes / Aldo Vieira da Rosa. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2009
Tj 163.9 H55 : Hinrichs, Roger,; Book/Printed Material     
      Energy : its use and the environment / Roger A. Hinrichs. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1996
Tj 175 S23 2010 Eb : Sacks, Elisha,; eBooks     
      The configuration space method for kinematic design of mechanisms [electronic resource] / Elisha Sack   eBooks c2010
Tj 179 N64 : Book/Printed Material     
      Noise and vibration / edited by R.G. White and J.G. Walker. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1982
Tj 181.5 W36 : Walker, Sally M.; Book/Printed Material     
      Wheels and axles / by Sally M. Walker and Roseann Feldmann ; photographs by Andy King. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2002
Tj 210.3 R6435 2008 Eb : Robotics: Science and Systems Conference; eBooks     
      Robotics [electronic resource] : science and systems IV / edited by Oliver Brock, Jeff Trinkle, and F   eBooks c2009
Tj 210.3 R6435 2010 Eb : Robotics: Science and Systems Conference; eBooks     
      Robotics [electronic resource] : science and systems V / edited by Jeff Trinkle, Yoky Matsuoka, and J   eBooks c2010
Tj 211 H36 2006 Eb : Henderson, Harry,; eBooks     
      Modern robotics [electronic resource] : building versatile machines / Harry Henderson.   eBooks c2006
Tj 211 M418 2006 Eb : McComb, Gordon.; eBooks     
      The robot builder's bonanza [electronic resource] / Gordon McComb, Myke Predko.   eBooks c2006
Tj 211 R57485 2008 Eb : eBooks     
      Robotics [electronic resource] : science and systems III / edited by Wolfram Burgard, Oliver Brock, a   eBooks 2008
Tj 211 W5628 2005 Eb : Wise, Edwin.; eBooks     
      Robotics demystified [electronic resource] / Edwin Wise.   eBooks 2005
Tj 211.415 A78 : Book/Printed Material     
      Artificial intelligence and mobile robots : case studies of successful robot systems / edited by Davi Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1998
Tj 213 A534 2009 Eb : Anderson, Patrick.; eBooks     
      Control systems [electronic resource] : classical controls / Patrick Anderson.   eBooks c2009
Tj 213 A834 : Book/Printed Material     
      Automation, control, and complexity : an integrated approach / edited by Tariq Samad and John Weyrauc Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 2000
Tj 217.5 S44 2007 Eb : eBooks     
      Semiotics and intelligent systems development [electronic resource] / Ricardo Gudwin, João Queiroz [e   eBooks c2007
Tj 223 P76 H327 2011 Eb : Hackett, Ron.; eBooks     
      PICAXE microcontroller projects for the evil genius [electronic resource] / Ron Hackett.   eBooks c2011
Tj 223 P76 P737 2008 Eb : Predko, Michael.; eBooks     
      Programming and customizing the PIC microcontroller [electronic resource] / Myke Predko.   eBooks c2008
Tj 265 D43 : Decher, Reiner.; Book/Printed Material     
      Energy conversion : systems, flow physics, and engineering / Reiner Decher. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1994
Tj 603 A599 : Alexander, Edwin P.; Book/Printed Material     
      American locomotives; a pictorial record of steam power, 1900-1950. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1950
Tj 603.2 F56 2013 : Floca, Brian.; Book/Printed Material     
      Locomotive / Brian Floca. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material
Tj 790 D44825 2010 Eb : Dempsey, Paul; eBooks     
      Two-stroke engine repair & maintenance [electronic resource] / Paul Dempsey ; [illus. by Robert Shelb   eBooks c2010
Tj 807.9 E85 R4725 2010 Eb : eBooks     
      Renewable energy in Europe [electronic resource] : markets, trends, and technologies / European Renew   eBooks 2010
Tj 807.9 L29 L65 2009 Eb Online : Lokey, Elizabeth.; eBooks     
      Renewable energy project development under the clean development mechanism [electronic resource] : a   eBooks 2009
Tj 807.9 U6 B67 : Borowitz, Sidney,; Book/Printed Material     
      Farewell fossil fuels : reviewing America's energy policy / Sidney Borowitz. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1999
Tj 808 A15 2009 Eb : eBooks     
      100% renewable [electronic resource] : energy autonomy in action / edited by Peter Droege.   eBooks 2009
Tj 808 R42 : Movies/Video     
      Renewable energy [videorecording] / co-executive producers, Hazel Henderson, Ellyne Lonergan. ; direc IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Movies/Video c2007
Tj 808 R425 2009 : Book/Printed Material     
      Renewable energy engineering and technology : principles and practice / edited by V.V.N. Kishore. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 2009
Tj 808 R45 2006 Eb : eBooks     
      Renewable energy [electronic resource] : a global review of technologies, policies and markets / edit   eBooks 2006
Tj 808.2 H63 2009 : Hock, Peggy,; Book/Printed Material     
      Our Earth : clean energy / by Peggy Hock. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 2009
Tj 810 B82 : Buckley, Shawn,; Book/Printed Material     
      Sun up to sun down / Shawn Buckley. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1979
Tj 810 D28 : Daniels, Farrington,; Book/Printed Material     
      Direct use of the sun's energy. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1964
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