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Rc 386.2 F76 : Book/Printed Material     
      The frontal lobes and neuropsychiatric illness / edited by Stephen P. Salloway, Paul F. Malloy, James Main Oversize:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2001
Rc 386.2 I5 : Book/Printed Material     
      Injured brains of medical minds : views from within / compiled and edited by Narinder Kapur. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1997
Rc 386.2 S66 2004 Eb : Somjen, George G.; eBooks     
      Ions in the brain [electronic resource] : normal function, seizures, and stroke / George G. Somjen.   eBooks 2004
Rc 386.6 B7 C37 2009 : Carter, Rita,; Book/Printed Material     
      The human brain book / Rita Carter ... [et al.] ; consultants, Chris Frith, Uta Frith, and Melanie Sh IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2009
Rc 386.6 B7 C37 2010 : Carter, Rita,; Book/Printed Material     
      Mapping the mind / Rita Carter ; consultant, Christopher Frith. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2010
Rc 386.6 E43 H36 2008 Eb : eBooks     
      Handbook of EEG interpretation [electronic resource] / William O. Tatum IV ... [et al.].   eBooks c2008
Rc 386.6 E43 N54 : Book/Printed Material     
      Electroencephalography : basic principles, clinical applications, and related fields / [edited by] Er Main Oversize:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1999
Rc 386.6 E43 Q362 2009 Eb : eBooks     
      Quantitative EEG analysis methods and clinical applications [electronic resource] / Shanbao Tong, Nit   eBooks c2009
Rc 386.6 N48 B37 2010 Eb : Barisa, Mark T.; eBooks     
      The business of neuropsychology [electronic resource] : a practical guide / Mark T. Barisa.   eBooks 2010
Rc 386.6 N48 N49 : Book/Printed Material     
      The neuropsychology handbook / Arthur MacNeill Horton, Jr., Danny Wedding, Jeffrey Webster, editors. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1997
Rc 386.6 N48 S67 2006 Eb : Strauss, Esther.; eBooks     
      A compendium of neuropsychological tests [electronic resource] : administration, norms, and commentar   eBooks 2006
Rc 387.5 B63 : Bobath, Berta.; Book/Printed Material     
      Abnormal postural reflex activity caused by brain lesions / Berta Bobath. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1985
Rc 387.5 B745 2006 Eb : eBooks     
      Brain injury treatment [electronic resource] : theories and practices / edited by José León-Carrión,   eBooks 2006
Rc 387.5 D46 2008 Eb : Denton, Gail L.; eBooks     
      Brainlash [electronic resource] : maximize your recovery from mild brain injury / Gail L. Denton.   eBooks c2008
Rc 387.5 F565 : Fleischman, John,; Book/Printed Material     
      Phineas Gage : a gruesome but true story about brain science / by John Fleischman. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2002
Rc 387.5 P76 : Book/Printed Material     
      Psychological approaches to rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury / edited by Andy Tyerman and Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2008
Rc 387.5 S85 2008 Eb : Sullivan, Cheryle.; eBooks     
      Brain injury survival kit [electronic resource] : 365 tips, tools, & tricks to deals with cognitive f   eBooks c2008
Rc 388 P37 B7 : Brown, Cordell.; Book/Printed Material     
      I am what I am by the grace of God : my struggles, my faith, my successes,my goals / by Cordell Brown Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1996
Rc 388.5 F88 2008 Eb : Futrell, Nancy.; eBooks     
      Vascular neurology [electronic resource] : questions and answers / Nancy Futrell, Dara G. Jamieson.   eBooks c2008
Rc 388.5 M4 : Book/Printed Material     
      Medical management of the elderly stroke patient / Roy V. Erickson, guest editor. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1989
Rc 388.5 P48 : Book/Printed Material     
      Physical therapy and the stroke patient : pathologic aspects and clinical management / Mary C. Single Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1987
Rc 388.5 S8 : Book/Printed Material     
      Stroke syndromes / edited by Julien Bogousslavsky, Louis Caplan. Main Oversize:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1995
Rc 388.5 S843 2011 Eb : eBooks     
      Stroke [electronic resource] / [edited by] Louis R. Caplan.   eBooks 2011
Rc 388.5 S847 : Book/Printed Material     
      Stroke : a practical guide to management / C.P. Warlow ... [et al.] ; foreword by H.J.M. Barnett. Main Oversize:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2001
Rc 388.5 S8543 2009 Eb : eBooks     
      Stroke recovery and rehabilitation [electronic resource] / edited by Joel Stein ... [et al.].   eBooks c2009
Rc 388.5 V44 : Veith, Ilza.; Book/Printed Material     
      Can you hear the clapping of one hand? : learning to live with a stroke / Ilza Veith. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1997
Rc 392 J36 2009 Eb : Jamieson, Dara G.; eBooks     
      Headache medicine [electronic resource] : questions and answers / Dara G. Jamieson.   eBooks c2009
Rc 392 P74 2004 Eb : eBooks     
      Preventive pharmacotherapy of headache disorders [electronic resource] / edited by Jes Olesen, Stephe   eBooks 2004
Rc 392 S33 : Sacks, Oliver W.; Book/Printed Material     
      Migraine : understanding a common disorder / Oliver Sacks. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1985
Rc 394 A5 N48 : Book/Printed Material     
      Neuropsychology of memory / edited by Larry R. Squire and Nelson Butters. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1984
Rc 394 A85 A34 1994 : Movies/Video     
      ADHD in adults [videorecording] / [with] Russell A. Barkley ; Kevin Dawkins Productions ; producer/wi IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Movies/Video c1994
Rc 394 A85 A38 : Book/Printed Material     
      Adult attention deficit disorder : brain mechanisms and life outcomes / edited by Jeanette Wassertein Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 2001
Rc 394 A85 A445 : Amen, Daniel G.; Book/Printed Material     
      Healing ADD : the breakthrough program that allows you to see and heal the six types of attention def Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2001
Rc 394 A85 G65 : Goldstein, Sam,; Book/Printed Material     
      Managing attention and learning disorders in late adolescence and adulthood : a guide for practitione Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1997
Rc 394 A85 H35 2011 : Hallowell, Edward M.; Book/Printed Material     
      Driven to distraction : recognizing and coping with attention deficit disorder from childhood through Main Collection:DUE 11-25-14   Book/Printed Material c2011
Rc 394 A85 H67 : Horacek, H. Joseph.; Book/Printed Material     
      Brainstorms : understanding and treating the emotional storms of attention deficit hyperactivity diso Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1998
Rc 394 A85 K45 : Kelly, Kate.; Book/Printed Material     
      You mean I'm not lazy, stupid, or crazy?! : a self-help book for adults with attention deficit disord Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1995
Rc 394 A85 R43 2009 : Movies/Video     
      Read me differently [videorecording] / a film by Sarah Entine ; produced and directed by Sarah Entine IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Movies/Video c2009
Rc 394 A85 R49 : Resnick, Robert J.; Book/Printed Material     
      The hidden disorder : a clinician's guide to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults / Rob Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2000
Rc 394 A85 W45 : Weiss, Margaret.; Book/Printed Material     
      ADHD in adulthood : a guide to current theory, diagnosis, and treatment / Margaret Weiss, Lily Troken Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1999
Rc 394 A85 W46 : Wender, Paul H.,; Book/Printed Material     
      Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults / Paul H. Wender. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1995
Rc 394 A85 W48 : Whiteman, Tom.; Book/Printed Material     
      Adult ADD : a reader friendly guide to identifying, understanding, and treating adult attention defic Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1995
Rc 394 C64 B45 : Benson, D. Frank; Book/Printed Material     
      The neurology of thinking / D. Frank Benson. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1994
Rc 394 L37 A78 2012 Eb : eBooks     
      Art therapy and learning disabilities [electronic resource] : don't guess my happiness / edited by St   eBooks 2012
Rc 394 L37 H636 : Hodges, Sally,; Book/Printed Material     
      Counselling adults with learning disabilities / Sally Hodges with contributions from Nancy Sheppard ; Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 2003
Rc 394 L37 N48 : Book/Printed Material     
      Neuropsychological validation of learning disability subtypes / edited by Byron P. Rourke. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1991
Rc 394 L37 W74 : Wren, Carol T.; Book/Printed Material     
      Hanging by a twig : understanding and counseling adults with learning disabilities and ADD / Carol Wr Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2000
Rc 394 M46 H3 : Book/Printed Material     
      Handbook of neuropsychology. Vol. 2, Memory and its disorders / edited by L.S. Cermak. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2000
Rc 394 M46 H36 : Book/Printed Material     
      Handbook for clinical memory assessment of older adults / Leonard W. Poon, editor ; associate editors Main Oversize:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1986
Rc 394 M46 M39 : Mayes, A. R.; Book/Printed Material     
      Human organic memory disorders / Andrew R. Mayes. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1988
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