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Jc 330 W76 : Wrong, Dennis Hume,; Book/Printed Material     
      Power, its forms, bases, and uses : with a new preface / Dennis H. Wrong. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1988
Jc 330.3 G37 : Gardner, John William,; Book/Printed Material     
      On leadership : with a preface to the paperback edition / John W. Gardner. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1993
Jc 330.3 N94 2008 Eb : Nye, Joseph S.; eBooks     
      The powers to lead [electronic resource] / Joseph S. Nye, Jr.   eBooks 2008
Jc 330.3 W74 2007 Eb : Wren, J. Thomas,; eBooks     
      Inventing leadership [electronic resource] : the challenge of democracy / J. Thomas Wren.   eBooks c2007
Jc 336 C35 1998 : Carter, Stephen L.,; Book/Printed Material     
      Civility : manners, morals, and the etiquette of democracy / Stephen L. Carter. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1998
Jc 337 A47 2006 Eb : Alexander, Jeffrey C.; eBooks     
      The civil sphere [electronic resource] / Jeffrey C. Alexander.   eBooks 2006
Jc 345 S57 : Smith, Whitney.; Book/Printed Material     
      Flags through the ages and across the world / by Whitney Smith ; designed by Emil Buhrer. Main Reference:LIB USE ONLY   Book/Printed Material 1975
Jc 346 B45 : Bellamy, Francis.; Book/Printed Material     
      I pledge allegiance : the Pledge of Allegiance : with commentary / by Bill Martin, Jr. and Michael Sa IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2002
Jc 346 Z3 A94 : Ayer, Eleanor H.; Book/Printed Material     
      Our flag / Eleanor Ayer. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1992
Jc 346 Z3 J65 : Johnson, Linda Carlson,; Book/Printed Material     
      Our national symbols / Linda Carlson Johnson. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1992
Jc 355 B97 2006 Eb : Burgess, Michael,; eBooks     
      Comparative federalism [electronic resource] : theory and practice / Michael Burgess.   eBooks 2006
Jc 355 D383 2007 Eb : eBooks     
      Decentralizing governance [electronic resource] : emerging concepts and practices / G. Shabbir Cheema   eBooks c2007
Jc 355 F335 2010 Eb : eBooks     
      Federal democracies [electronic resource] / edited by Michael Burgess and Alain-G. Gagnon.   eBooks 2010
Jc 355 M85 2007 Eb : eBooks     
      Multinational federations [electronic resource] / edited by Michael Burgess and John Pinder.   eBooks 2007
Jc 359 C85 : Curtin, Philip D.; Book/Printed Material     
      Imperialism, edited by Philip D. Curtin. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1972
Jc 359 R39 2006 Eb : Rees, John,; eBooks     
      Imperialism and resistance [electronic resource] / John Rees.   eBooks 2006
Jc 375 M97 2006 Eb : eBooks     
      Mystifying the monarch [electronic resource] : studies on discourse, power, and history / edited by J   eBooks c2006
Jc 375 N5 : Nicolson, Harold George,; Book/Printed Material     
      Kings, courts and monarchy. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1962
Jc 381 M33 2006 Eb : McCarthy, Stephen,; eBooks     
      The political theory of tyranny in Singapore and Burma [electronic resource] : Aristotle and the rhet   eBooks 2006
Jc 421 K83 2008 Eb : Kurzman, Charles.; eBooks     
      Democracy denied, 1905-1915 [electronic resource] : intellectuals and the fate of democracy / Charles   eBooks 2008
Jc 421 P66 : Book/Printed Material     
      Political leadership in democratic societies / Anthony Mughan, Samuel C. Patterson, editors. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1992
Jc 421 P795 2010 Eb : Przeworski, Adam.; eBooks     
      Democracy and the limits of self-government [electronic resource] / Adam Przeworski.   eBooks 2010
Jc 421 S33 : Schaeffer, Robert K.; Book/Printed Material     
      Power to the people : democratization around the world / Robert K. Schaeffer. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1997
Jc 421 T76 : Treadgold, Donald W.,; Book/Printed Material     
      Freedom, a history / Donald W. Treadgold. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1990
Jc 421 W43 : Weart, Spencer R.,; Book/Printed Material     
      Never at war : why democracies will not fight one another / Spencer R. Weart. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1998
Jc 423 B623 2007 Eb : Bohman, James.; eBooks     
      Democracy across borders [electronic resource] : from Dêmos to Dêmoi / James Bohman.   eBooks c2007
Jc 423 D43986 2007 Eb : eBooks     
      Democracy, freedom and coercion [electronic resource] : a law and economics approach / edited by Alai   eBooks c2007
Jc 423 H315 : Hallowell, John H.; Book/Printed Material     
      The moral foundation of democracy. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1965
Jc 423 L3 : Book/Printed Material     
      A laboratory for public scholarship and democracy / Rosa A. Eberly, Jeremy Cohen, editors. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2006
Jc 423 L363 : Book/Printed Material     
      The last best hope : a democracy reader / Stephen John Goodlad, editor. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2001
Jc 423 M356 : Margolis, Michael.; Book/Printed Material     
      Viable democracy / Michael Margolis. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1979
Jc 423 M85 E5 : Moss, Robert,; Book/Printed Material     
      The collapse of democracy. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1976
Jc 423 N5 : Niebuhr, Reinhold,; Book/Printed Material     
      The children of light and the children of darkness : a vindication of democracy and a critique of its Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1960
Jc 423 O74 2010 Eb : eBooks     
      Organizing democracy [electronic resource] : the construction of agency in practice / edited by Göran   eBooks c2010
Jc 423 P49 : Pettit, Philip,; Book/Printed Material     
      Republicanism : a theory of freedom and government / Philip Pettit. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1999
Jc 423 P8837 2007 Eb : eBooks     
      Public choice and the challenges of democracy [electronic resource] / edited by José Casas Pardo, Ped   eBooks c2007
Jc 423 P886 : Book/Printed Material     
      Public space and democracy / Marcel Hénaff and Tracy B. Strong, editors. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2001
Jc 423 R426 2006 Eb : eBooks     
      Republicanism in theory and practice [electronic resource] / edited by Iseult Honohan and Jeremy Jenn   eBooks 2006
Jc 423 T2745 2009 Eb : Talisse, Robert B.; eBooks     
      Democracy and moral conflict [electronic resource] / Robert B. Talisse.   eBooks 2009
Jc 423 V345 2006 Eb : Van Mill, David.; eBooks     
      Deliberation, social choice and absolutist democracy [electronic resource] / David van Mill.   eBooks 2006
Jc 423 Z83 : Zucker, Ross,; Book/Printed Material     
      Democratic distributive justice / Ross Zucker. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2001
Jc 479 G74 : Greve, Bent.; Book/Printed Material     
      Historical dictionary of the welfare state / Bent Greve. Main Reference:LIB USE ONLY   Book/Printed Material 1998
Jc 479 M85 2006 Eb : eBooks     
      Multiculturalism and the welfare state [electronic resource] : recognition and redistribution in cont   eBooks 2006
Jc 479 O39 2006 Eb : Olson, Kevin.; eBooks     
      Reflexive democracy [electronic resource] : political equality and the welfare state / Kevin Olson.   eBooks c2006
Jc 480 R63 2006 Eb : Roberts, David D.,; eBooks     
      The totalitarian experiment in twentieth-century Europe [electronic resource] : understanding the pov   eBooks 2006
Jc 480 V45 2006 Eb : Versluis, Arthur,; eBooks     
      The new inquisitions [electronic resource] : heretic-hunting and the intellectual origins of modern t   eBooks 2006
Jc 481 K6 : Kornhauser, William.; Book/Printed Material     
      The politics of mass society. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1959
Jc 481 M555 2010 Eb : eBooks     
      Monsters in the mirror [electronic resource] : representations of Nazism in post-war popular culture   eBooks 2010
Jc 481 S38 : Schlesinger, Arthur M.; Book/Printed Material     
      The vital center; the politics of freedom. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1949
Jc 491 B7 : Brinton, Crane,; Book/Printed Material     
      The anatomy of revolution [by] Crane Brinton. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1965
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