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Hq 1812 Z9 D663 2009 Eb : Masquelier, Adeline Marie,; eBooks     
      Women and Islamic revival in a West African town [electronic resource] / Adeline Masquelier.   eBooks 2009
Hq 1865.7 F55 2010 Eb : Flinn, Juliana,; eBooks     
      Mary, the devil, and taro [electronic resource] : Catholicism and women's work in a Micronesian socie   eBooks c2010
Hq 1870.9 C65 : Book/Printed Material     
      Comparative perspectives of Third World women : the impact of race, sex, and class / edited by Beverl Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1980
Hq 2037 R36 2008 Eb : Ramsey, Valerie.; eBooks     
      Gracefully [electronic resource] : looking and being your best at any age / Valerie Ramsey with Heath   eBooks c2008
Hq 2037 R67 2003 : Ross, Michael,; Book/Printed Material     
      Does MasterCard accept VISA? : and other issues you'll face after graduation / Michael & Tiffany Ross Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2003
Hq Wells Reserve    
      Points and Counterpoints Main Reserves:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material
      All our families : new policies for a new century. Main Reserves:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1999
      The Family Main Reserves:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 2001
      The family experience : a reader in cultural diversity. Main Reserves:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 2000
3 additional entries    
Hrw 2 : Kit     
      Teaching Strategies for English Language Learners IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Kit
Hs 71 R8 B73 2009 Eb : Bradley, Joseph.; eBooks     
      Voluntary associations in Tsarist Russia [electronic resource] : science, patriotism, and civil socie   eBooks 2009
Hs 403 F74 : Movies/Video     
      Freemasonry revealed [videorecording] / producer, John Wesley Chisholm ; directors, Gary Lang, Edward IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Movies/Video c2007
Hs 475 M38 : Mather, George A.; Book/Printed Material     
      Masonic lodge / George A. Mather and Larry A. Nichols. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1995
Hs 495 A64 : Ankerberg, John,; Book/Printed Material     
      The secret teachings of the Masonic Lodge : a Christian perspective / John Ankerberg, John Weldon. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1990
Hs 2325 G46 : George, John,; Book/Printed Material     
      American extremists : militias, supremacists, klansmen, communists & others / John George & Laird Wil Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1996
Hs 2330 K63 B37 2010 : Bartoletti, Susan Campbell.; Book/Printed Material     
      They called themselves the K.K.K. : the birth of an American terrorist group / by Susan Campbell Bart IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c2010
Hs 2330 K63 C49 : Chalmers, David Mark.; Book/Printed Material     
      Hooded Americanism : the history of the Ku Klux Klan / David M. Chalmers. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1981
Hs 2330 K63 J3 : Jackson, Kenneth T.; Book/Printed Material     
      The Ku Klux Klan in the city, 1915-1930 [by] Kenneth T. Jackson. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1967
Hs 2330 K63 K46 : Kennedy, Stetson.; Book/Printed Material     
      The Klan unmasked / Stetson Kennedy. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1990
Hs 3359 C674 2012 : Corey, Shana.; Book/Printed Material     
      Here come the Girl Scouts! / by Shana Corey ; illustrated by Hadley Hooper. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 2012
Hs 3359 M55 2007 Eb : Miller, Susan A.,; eBooks     
      Growing girls [electronic resource] : the natural origins of girls' organizations in America / Susan   eBooks c2007
Ht 108 M63 2006 Eb : eBooks     
      Mobile technologies of the city [electronic resource] / edited by Mimi Sheller and John Urry.   eBooks 2006
Ht 111 D37 : Davis, Kingsley,; Book/Printed Material     
      Cities: their origin, growth, and human impact; readings from Scientific American. With introductions Main Oversize:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1973
Ht 111 M8 : Mumford, Lewis,; Book/Printed Material     
      The city in history: its origins, its transformations, and its prospects. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1961
Ht 111 M83 : Mumford, Lewis,; Book/Printed Material     
      The highway and the city; [essays. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1963
Ht 111 S75 : Book/Printed Material     
      The study of urban history. Edited by H. J. Dyos. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1968
Ht 111 U75 2006 Eb : eBooks     
      Urbanism in the preindustrial world [electronic resource] : cross-cultural approaches / edited by Gle   eBooks c2006
Ht 113 W53 : White, Morton Gabriel,; Book/Printed Material     
      The intellectual versus the city, from Thomas Jefferson to Frank Lloyd Wright / Morton and Lucia Whit Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1964
Ht 114 G65 2007 Eb : Goodman, Penelope J.; eBooks     
      The Roman city and its periphery [electronic resource] : from Rome to Gaul / Penelope J. Goodman.   eBooks 2007
Ht 119 C567 2007 Eb : eBooks     
      Cities in globalization [electronic resource] : practices, policies and theories / edited by Peter J.   eBooks 2007
Ht 119 F73 2006 : Franck, Karen A.; eBooks     
      Loose space [electronic resource] : possibility and diversity in urban life / edited by Karen A. Fran   eBooks 2007
Ht 119 P76 : Provensen, Alice.; Book/Printed Material     
      Town & country / Alice and Martin Provensen. IRC Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1985
Ht 123 B67 1978 : Boyer, Paul S.; Book/Printed Material     
      Urban masses and moral order in America, 1820-1920 / Paul Boyer. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1978
Ht 123 B695 : Bradbury, Katharine L.; Book/Printed Material     
      Urban decline and the future of American cities / Katharine L. Bradbury, Anthony Downs, Kenneth A. Sm Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1982
Ht 123 E5 : Book/Printed Material     
      Encyclopedia of urban America : the cities and suburbs / Neil Larry Shumsky, editor. Main Reference:LIB USE ONLY   Book/Printed Material c1998
Ht 123 F28 2010 Eb : Fairfield, John D.,; eBooks     
      The public and its possibilities [electronic resource] : triumphs and tragedies in the American City   eBooks 2010
Ht 123 G425 : Gelfand, Mark I.; Book/Printed Material     
      A nation of cities : the Federal government and urban America, 1933-1965 / Mark I. Gelfand. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1975
Ht 123 I74 2004 Eb : Isenberg, Alison.; eBooks     
      Downtown America [electronic resource] : a history of the place and the people who made it / Alison I   eBooks c2004
Ht 123 M213 2008 Eb : McDonald, John F.,; eBooks     
      Urban America [electronic resource] : growth, crisis, and rebirth / John F. McDonald.   eBooks c2008
Ht 123 M29 : Book/Printed Material     
      The Manipulated city : perspectives on spatial structure and social issues in urban America / edited Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1975
Ht 123 M36 2000 : Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.; Book/Printed Material     
      The entrepreneurial city : a how-to handbook for urban innovators / introduction by Mayor Stephen Gol Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 2000?
Ht 123 M385 : Book/Printed Material     
      Major problems in American urban history : documents and essays / edited by Howard P. Chudacoff. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1994
Ht 123 N655 : Norquist, John O.; Book/Printed Material     
      The wealth of cities : revitalizing the centers of American life / John O. Norquist. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material c1998
Ht 123 S3 : Schlesinger, Arthur M.; Book/Printed Material     
      The rise of the city, 1878-1898, by Arthur Meier Schlesinger. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1933
Ht 123 U76 : Book/Printed Material     
      Urban professionals and the future of the metropolis / edited by Paula Dubeck and Zane L. Miller. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1980
Ht 123 W35 : Waste, Robert J.; Book/Printed Material     
      Independent cities : rethinking U.S. urban policy / Robert J. Waste. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1998
Ht 123 W485 : Wilson, William H.; Book/Printed Material     
      Coming of age: urban America, 1915-1945 [by] William H. Wilson. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1974
Ht 128.5 J25 C58 2006 Eb : Clarke, Colin G.; eBooks     
      Decolonizing the colonial city [electronic resource] : urbanization and stratification in Kingston, J   eBooks 2006
Ht 133 M255 2007 Eb : eBooks     
      Man-made future [electronic resource] : planning, education and design in mid-twentieth-century Brita   eBooks 2007
Ht 133 S6 : Smailes, Arthur E.; Book/Printed Material     
      The geography of towns [by] Arthur E. Smailes. Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1966
Ht 133 S65 : Book/Printed Material     
      Social problems and the city : geographical perspectives / edited by David T. Herbert and David M. Sm Main Collection:AVAILABLE   Book/Printed Material 1979
Ht 151 : eBooks     
      Social sustainability in urban areas [electronic resource] : communities, connectivity and the urban   eBooks 2010
Ht 151 B576 2007 Eb : Bollens, Scott A.; eBooks     
      Cities, nationalism, and democratization [electronic resource] / Scott A. Bollens.   eBooks 2007
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