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050  4 QC173.59.S65|bC37 2010 
100 1  Carroll, Sean M.,|d1966- 
245 10 From eternity to here :|bthe quest for the ultimate theory
       of time /|cSean Carroll. 
260    New York :|bPlume,|c2010. 
300    ix, 438 p. :|bill., ports., charts ;|c22 cm. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. [411]-420) and 
505 0  pt. 1. Time, experience, and the universe. The past is 
       present memory ; The heavy hand of entropy ; The beginning
       and end of time -- pt. 2. Time in Einstein's universe. 
       Time is personal ; Time is flexible ; Looping through time
       -- pt. 3. Entropy and time's arrow. Running time backward 
       ; Entropy and disorder ; Information and life ; Recurrent 
       nightmares ; Quantum time -- pt. 4. From the kitchen to 
       the multiverse. Black holes : the ends of time ; The life 
       of the universe ; Inflation and the multiverse ; The past 
       through tomorrow ; Epilogue -- Appendix : Math. 
520    A rising star in theoretical physics offers his awesome 
       vision of our universe and beyond, all beginning with a 
       simple question: Why does time move forward? 
520    The only way to understand the origin of entropy is to 
       understand the origin of the universe -- by asking what 
       happened at the Big Bang, and even before. From Eternity 
       to Here discusses how entropy relates to black holes, 
       cosmology, information theory, and the existence of life. 
       The book tells a story that starts in the kitchen, where 
       we can turn eggs into omelets but never the other way 
       around, and takes us to the edges of the universe. Modern 
       discoveries in cosmology -- dark energy and the 
       accelerating universe -- and quantum gravity -- the 
       possibility of time before the Big Bang -- come together 
       to suggest a picture of a multiverse in which the arrow of
       time emerges naturally from the laws of physics. 
650  0 Space and time. 
650  0 Quantum theory. 
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