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020    9780849948329 (hardcover) 
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050 00 BV4580|b.G725 2011 
100 1  Graham, Billy,|d1918- 
245 10 Nearing home :|blife, faith, and finishing well /|cBilly 
260    Nashville :|bThomas Nelson,|cc2011. 
300    ix, 182 p. ;|c24 cm. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 181). 
505 0  Running toward home -- Don't retire from life -- The 
       impact of hope -- Consider the golden years -- Fading 
       strength but standing strong -- Death's destination -- 
       Influencing the impressionable -- A foundation that lasts 
       -- Roots strengthen in time -- Then and now. 
520    "I never thought I would live to be this old." In this 
       moving narrative, Billy Graham once again takes up the pen
       not only to share his personal experience of growing older
       but also teach us some important lessons on how to view 
       our time here on Earth. He says that the Bible makes it 
       clear that God has a specific reason for keeping us here. 
       So what is His purpose for these years, and how can we 
       align our lives with it? How can we not only learn to cope
       with the fears and struggles and growing limitations we 
       face but actually grow stronger inwardly in the midst of 
       these difficulties? In what may be his most powerful 
       message of the last decade, Billy Graham speaks to all on 
       this side of Heaven as he covers the importance of four 
       key areas: Building strong foundations and understanding 
       the gift of years; Facing life's transitions, including 
       the passing of years, retirement, and when loved ones die;
       Making wise decisions; Understanding our glorious hope. 
       "In this book I invite you to explore with me not only the
       realities of life as we grow older but the hope and 
       fulfillment and even joy that can be ours once we learn to
       look at these years from God's point of view and discover 
       His strength to sustain us every day. I pray that you and 
       I may learn what it means not only to grow older, but, 
       with God's help, to grow older with grace." - Publisher. 
600 10 Graham, Billy,|d1918- 
650  0 Aging|xReligious aspects|xChristianity. 
650  0 Older Christians|xReligious life. 
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