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008    730712s1973    cau           000 0 eng   
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035    (OCoLC)673633|z(OCoLC)59981034|z(OCoLC)223245362 
049    TTNM 
050 00 RC489.G4|bP47 1973 
100 1  Perls, Frederick S. 
240 10 Gestalt approach 
245 14 The gestalt approach & Eye witness to therapy /|cby Fritz 
246 13 Eye witness to therapy 
246 13 Gestalt approach 
260    [Ben Lomond, Calif.,] :|bScience & Behavior Books,|c[1973]
300    xv, 206 p. ;|c25 cm. 
500    Two books on which the author was working at the time of 
       his death, published as one. 
505 0  Pt. I, The Gestalt approach: -- Foundations: Gestalt 
       psychology; Homeostasis; The holistic doctrine; Contact 
       boundary; -- Neurotic Mechanisms: Birth of neurosis; 
       Introjection; Projection; Confluence; Retroflection; -- 
       Here comes the neurotic -- Here and now therapy -- Peeling
       the onion -- Shuttling, psychodrama and confusion -- Who 
       is listening? 
505 0  Pt. II, Eye witness to therapy: -- Gestalt in action: What
       is Gestalt?; Awareness; Marriage; Gestalt prayer; Couples 
       no.1; Couples no.2; Memory and pride; Philosophy of the 
       obvious; Madeline's dream; Everything is aware process; 
       Fritz, friend and Freud. 
520    'The Gestalt Approach' and 'Eye Witness to Therapy' can be
       read together as one entity and also as two separate 
       works. This book is an exploration of a somewhat new 
       approach to the entire subject of human behavior- both in 
       its actuality and its potentiality. It is written from the
       belief that man can live a fuller, richer life than most 
       of us now do. It is written from the conviction that man 
       has not yet even begun to discover the potential of energy
       and enthusiasm that lies in him. The book endeavors to 
       bring together a theory and a practical application of 
       that theory of the problems of daily life and to the 
       techniques of psychotherapy. The theory itself is grounded
       in experience and observation; it has grown and changed 
       with years of practice and application. -- from 
650  0 Gestalt therapy. 
700 12 Perls, Frederick S.|tEye witness to therapy. 
776 08 |iOnline version:|aPerls, Frederick S.|sGestalt approach.
       |tGestalt approach & Eye witness to therapy.|d[Ben Lomond,
       Calif.,] Science & Behavior Books [1973]|w(OCoLC)599427721
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