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050 00 LB2331|b.S573 1999 
245 04 The social worlds of higher education :|bhandbook for 
       teaching in a new century /|cedited by Bernice A. 
       Pescosolido, Ronald Aminzade. 
260    Thousand Oaks, Calif. :|bPine Forge Press,|cc1999. 
300    xli, 646 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm. +|e1 computer laser optical 
       disc (4 3/4 in.) 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Teaching for what and for whom? The social worlds and 
       structural paradoxes of the university at the end of the 
       20th century / B.A. Pescosolido and R. Aminzade -- The 
       debate: college teachers, the new leisure class / G.I. 
       Maeroff -- Introduction to the changing landscape of 
       higher education / R. Aminzade and B.A. Pescosolido -- The
       changing character of college: institutional 
       transformation in American higher education / C. Calhoun -
       - Higher education and its social contracts / T. Sullivan 
       -- How the academic profession is changing / A. Levine -- 
       Small worlds, different worlds: the uniqueness and 
       troubles of American academic professions / B.R. Clark -- 
       The changing classroom: the meaning of shifts in higher 
       education for teaching and learning / C.S. Green, III and 
       D.S. Dorn -- The debate: on the uses of a liberal 
       education--as lite entertainment for bored college 
       students / M. Edmundson 
505 0  The war of the worlds: why psychology helps bridge the gap
       between students' and professors' conceptual understanding
       / D.F. Halpern -- Creating learning communities: the 
       unfinished agenda / P. Baker -- The campus as learning 
       community: seven promising shifts and seven powerful 
       levers / T.A. Angelo -- Dissolution of the atlas complex /
       D.L. Finkel and G.S. Monk -- Critical thinking, moral 
       integrity, and citizenship: teaching for the intellectual 
       virtues / R. Paul -- Instructional responsibilities of 
       college faculty to minority students / J.A. Vasquez and N.
       Wainstein -- Barbarians inside the gate? Why 
       undergraduates always seem worse and civilization as we 
       know it at the brink / N. Furniss -- On the persistence of
       unicorns: the trade-off between content and critical 
       thinking revisited / C.E. Nelson -- Now I know my ABC's: 
       demythologizing grade inflation / J. Freese, J.E. Artis, 
       and B. Powell 
505 0  The evaluation of teaching: the 40-year debate about 
       student, colleague, and self-evaluation / M.D. Sorcinelli 
       -- Behind outcomes: contexts and questions for assessment 
       / P. Hutchings -- Multiculturalism: the crucial 
       philosophical and organizational issues / P.J. Hill -- 
       Conflict in America / G. Graff -- Class wars and culture 
       wars in the university today: why we can't defend 
       ourselves / R.N. Bellah -- An emerging reformulation of 
       "competence" in an increasingly multicultural world / T. 
       Duster -- The trouble with stories / C. Tilly -- 
       Challenging assumptions of human diversity: the teaching 
       imagination in anthropology / C.E. Hill -- Teaching and 
       historical understanding: disciplining historical 
       imagination with historical context / H.J. Graff -- Stop 
       making sense! Why aren't universities better at promoting 
       innovative teaching? / H. Aldrich and S. Lillejord 
505 0  Three faces of relevance: connecting disciplinary 
       knowledge to the "real world" / D.M. Newman -- Underneath 
       the ivy and the social costs of corporate ties / L.C. 
       Soley -- Disposable faculty: part-time exploitations as 
       management strategy / L.R. Pratt -- Is tenure necessary to
       protect academic freedom? / E. Chemerinsky -- Why tenure 
       is worth protecting / R. Edwards -- Academic community and
       post-tenure review / W.G. Tierney -- Two concepts of 
       affirmative action / S.M. Cahn -- Distributing higher 
       education / A. Gutmann -- Eros, eroticism, and the 
       pedagogical process / B. Hooks -- Consensual amorous 
       relations / J. Gallop -- Putting an end to risky romance /
       P. Dilger -- Of nerds, ardent suitors, and lecherous 
       professors / B.A. Pescosolido and E. Miller -- Doing what 
       works: on the mundanity of excellence in teaching / D.F. 
       Chambliss -- Teaching and learning: a matter of style? / 
       G.T. Powers -- Building trust with students / S. 
505 0  Embracing contraries in the teaching process / P. Elbow --
       Stages of curriculum transformation / M.R. Schuster and 
       S.R. Van Dyne -- Getting all students to listen: analyzing
       and coping with student resistance / E. Higginbotham -- 
       Should and can a white, heterosexual, middle-class man 
       teach students about social inequality and oppression? One
       person's experience and reflections / T.J. Gerschick -- 
       Why doesn't this feel empowering? Working through the 
       repressive myths of critical pedagogy / E. Ellsworth -- 
       View from the inside: the disabling structures of graduate
       education / B. Ault -- The heart of a teacher: identity 
       and integrity in teaching / P.J. Palmer -- Entering the 
       classroom from the other side: a conversation on the life 
       and times of graduate associate instructors / S.C. Hare, 
       W.R. Jacobs, and J.H. Shin -- Embracing modest hopes: 
       lessons from the beginning of the teaching journey / K.L. 
505 0  Carl's story: narrative as reflective teaching practice / 
       D. Gillespie -- Promise, failure, and redemption: a life 
       course perspective on teaching as a career / H. Aldrich --
       The debate: the student and the university / A. Bloom -- 
       Continuing trends or future transformations? / C. Calhoun 
       -- Rethinking faculty careers / R.E. Rice -- From teaching
       to learning: a new paradigm for undergraduate education / 
       R.B. Barr and J. Tagg -- Beyond these walls: teaching 
       within and outside the expanded classroom--boundaries in 
       the 21st century / E. Grauerholz, B. McKenzie, and M. 
       Romero -- Reconstructing the social worlds of higher 
       education: changes, challenges, and dilemmas / R. Aminzade
       and B.A. Pescosolido. 
538    System requirements: Adobe Acrobat; Windows 3.1 or 95. 
650  0 College teaching|xSocial aspects|zUnited States. 
650  0 College teachers|zUnited States|xSocial conditions. 
650  0 Education, Higher|xSocial aspects|zUnited States. 
650  0 Educational change|zUnited States. 
700 1  Pescosolido, Bernice A. 
700 1  Aminzade, Ronald,|d1949- 
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