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050 00 PN167|b.S76 2010 
245 00 Stop plagiarism :|ba guide to understanding and prevention
       /|cedited by Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic, Katie Elson 
260    New York :|bNeal-Schuman Publishers,|cc2010. 
300    xiii, 220 p. :|bill. ;|c23 cm. +|e1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.) 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  pt. I. Understanding the problem. 1. Teaching intellectual
       honesty in a parodied world / Katie Elson Anderson and 
       Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic : Some thoughts about plagiarism 
       ; Plagiarism and technology ; Word processing and 
       scholarly writing ; Plagiarism and popular culture ; 
       Thoughts, hopes, and conclusions ; References -- 2. The 
       onus of originality: creativity and accomplishment in a 
       digital and competitive age / Laura B. Spencer : 
       Introduction: Themes and settings ; Originality and 
       imitation: a difficult but lasting relationship ; Copycat 
       commerce: trade dress, imitation, and acknowledgment ; Of 
       pilots and plagiarists: when technology undercuts 
       expertise ; Research remixes: can technology enhance 
       engagement? ; A final thought: think a little differently 
       ; References -- 3. The dark side of the web: where to go 
       to buy a paper / Nick Cvetkovic : Introduction: A short 
       history of "papermills" ; Finding papermills ; Types of 
       papermills ; "We don't encourage or condone plagiarism" ; 
       Student reviews of papermill sites ; Conclusion ; 
       References -- 4. The academy versus plagiarism: 
       rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic or the stand at
       Thermopylae / Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic and Luis F. 
       Rodriguez : Introduction ; What is plagiarism? ; 
       Information wants to be free ; Standing on the shoulders 
       of giants...sort of ; Conclusion ; References -- 5. An 
       undergraduate's perspective / Sarah F. Brookover : 
       Introduction ; Technology and writing ; Conclusion -- 
505 0  pt. II. finding remedies. 6. Creating a tutorial: 
       background, theory, and practical application / Vibiana 
       Bowman Cvetkovic and John B. Gibson : Introduction ; 
       Designing a tutorial: step-by-step ; Conclusion ; 
       References -- 7. The first-year college experience / 
       Gillian A. Newton and Jeffrey J. Teichmann : Introduction 
       ; The past ; The present ; Into the future ; Conclusion ; 
       References -- 8. Plagiarism: university reaction and 
       subsequent action / Dolores Pfeuffer-Scherer : 
       Introduction ; Common ground: normative policy and 
       procedures ; The role of the faculty ; Policy statements 
       at private universities ; Conclusion ; References -- 9. 
       Plagiarism and the nontraditional student: challenges and 
       perspectives / Dawn Amsberry : Introduction ; Challenges ;
       Classroom suggestions ; Conclusion ; References -- 
505 0  pt. III. A practitioner's toolkit. 10. Plagiarism: the 
       legal landscape / Robert Berry : Introduction ; Claims 
       against educational institutions alleging procedural 
       deficiencies: due process and breach of contract claims ; 
       Claims against educational institutions alleging illegal 
       discrimination ; Claims against educational institutions 
       alleging defamation ; Defenses and justifications voiced 
       in response to allegations of plagiarism ; Defining 
       plagiarism ; Conclusion ; References -- 11. Professional 
       organizations' recommendations regarding intellectual 
       honesty / Frances Kaufmann and Julie Still : Introduction 
       ; The humanities ; Social sciences ; Education and 
       libraries ; Science and engineering ; Other disciplines ; 
       Conclusion ; References -- 12. Inoculating against 
       plagiarism: resources for teaching and learning / Leslie 
       Murtha : Introduction ; Resources for teachers and 
       administrators ; Resources for students ; Conclusion ; 
       References -- 13. Write it, then cite it: guiding students
       toward reliable techniques and resources for effective 
       scholarly writing / Robert J. Lackie : Introduction: Web 
       resources for citing, research, and writing ; Giving 
       proper credit: key web resources for scholarly citation ; 
       A mightier pen: web resources for building stronger 
       writing skills ; Additional help with when and why to cite
       sources ; Final comments from noted experts in the field ;
       Conclusion ; References ; Recommended readings -- 14. 
       Plagiarism: an annotated bibliography / Patience L. 
       Simmonds : Introduction ; Selected books on plagiarism and
       cyber-plagiarism ; Selected articles on plagiarism and 
       cyber-plagiarism ; Selected websites on plagiarism ; 
       Resources on self-plagiarism ; Selected audiovisual 
520    Designed to be of use to all levels of educators working 
       with students, from high school to post-graduate, this 
       book addresses the problems and concerns facing librarians
       and educators involved in the process of teaching academic
       honesty. Many of the original authors from The Plagiarism 
       Plague have returned with new essays along with new voices,
       a majority of whom represent the next generation of 
       librarianship, the Web 2.0 professional. This book 
       contains background material, web resources, a collection 
       of sample exercises, and an interactive CD that provides 
       tools an educator can use to stop plagiarism. One of three
       videos on the CD features an animated interactive quiz 
       that helps student understand when they must include a 
       citation. The authors have also established an anti 
       plagiarism wiki where readers are encouraged to 
       participate in the on going conversation on plagiarism. 
       This is a source for anyone who wants to understand why 
       students knowingly or unknowingly plagiarize, who needs 
       materials for teaching academic integrity, and who will 
       benefit from a current resource guide to tools for 
       actively detecting plagiarism. -- From publisher. 
650  0 Plagiarism. 
650  0 Cheating (Education)|xPrevention. 
650  0 Internet research|xMoral and ethical aspects. 
700 1  Cvetkovic, Vibiana Bowman,|d1953- 
700 1  Anderson, Katie Elson,|d1973- 
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