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050 00 CD986.5|b.P75 2005 
245 00 Privacy & confidentiality perspectives :|barchivists & 
       archival records /|cedited with an introduction, by Menzi 
       L. Behrnd-Klodt & Peter J. Wosh. 
246 3  Privacy and confidentiality perspectives 
260    Chicago :|bSociety of American Archivists,|cc2005. 
300    vii, 391 p. ;|c23 cm. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 295-369) and 
505 0  Right to Privacy / Samuel D. Warren and Louis D. Brandeis 
       -- Tort Right of Privacy: What It Means for Archivists . 
       and for Third Parties / Menzi L. Behrnd-Klodt -- 
       Information Privacy, Liberty, and Democracy / Heather 
       MacNeil -- Archivist's Balancing Act: Helping Researchers 
       while Protecting Individual Privacy / Judith Schwarz -- 
       Privacy Rights and the Rights of Political Victims: 
       Implications of the German Experience / Elena S. Danielson
       -- Ethical Issues in Constructing a Eugenics Web Site / 
       Martin L. Levitt -- In Secret Kept, In Silence Sealed: 
       Privacy in the Papers of Authors and Celebrities / Sara S.
       Hodson -- Southern Family Honor Tarnished? Issues of 
       Privacy in the Walker Percy and Shelby Foote Papers / 
       Timothy D. Pyatt -- Balancing Privacy and Access: Opening 
       the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission Records / 
       Sarah Rowe-Sims, Sandra Boyd, and H.T. Holmes -- Archival 
       Access to Lawyers' Papers: The Effect of Legal Privileges 
       / Menzi L. Behrnd-Klodt -- Buckley Stops Where? The 
       Ambiguity and Archival Implications of the Family 
       Educational Rights and Privacy Act / Mark A. Greene and 
       Christine Weideman -- Trust and Professional Agency in the
       Archives of Religious Organizations: An Archival 
       Perspective on Confidence Keeping / Mark J. Duffy and 
       Christine M. Taylor -- Delta Blues: Changing Conceptions 
       of Privacy and Property, and Their Implications for 
       Corporate Archives / Paul C. Lasewicz -- Confidences in 
       Medical and Health Care Records from an Archive 
       Perspective / Barbara L. Craig -- United Methodists and 
       Their Open Records Policy / L. Dale Patterson -- Selected 
       U.S. Constitutional Amendments -- Selected U.S. Federal 
       Statutes Concerning Privacy -- Family Educational Rights 
       and Privacy Act: Legislative Amendments and Judicial 
       Interpretations / Menzi L. Behrnd-Klodt -- Brave New World
       of 21st-Century Medical Records: Privacy in the U.S. and 
       Canada, Contrasted with the European Data Privacy Model / 
       Menzi L. Behrnd-Klodt. 
650  0 Archives|xAccess control. 
650  0 Archives|xLaw and legislation. 
650  0 Privacy, Right of. 
700 1  Behrnd-Klodt, Menzi L. 
700 1  Wosh, Peter J. 
776 08 |iOnline version:|tPrivacy & confidentiality perspectives.
       |dChicago : Society of American Archivists, c2005
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