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050 00 ML3080|b.E63 2009 
245 00 Embellishing the liturgy :|btropes and polyphony /|cedited
       by Alejandro Planchart. 
260    Farnham, England ;|aBurlington, VT :|bAshgate,|cc2009. 
300    liv, 559 p. :|bill., music ;|c25 cm. 
440  0 Music in medieval Europe. 
500    Reprints of articles from journals and anthologies. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  pt. 1. Tropes in general. The troping hypothesis / Richard
       L. Crocker. Some observations on the interrelationships 
       between trope repertories / David Hiley. Aux origines des 
       tropes d'interpolation : le trope meloforme d'introit / 
       Michel Huglo. Les libelli de tropes et les premiers 
       tropaires-prosaires / Michel Huglo. Tropes and the concept
       of genre / Ritva Jacobsson and Leo Treitler. Beyond a 
       chant, 'Tui sunt caeli' and its tropes / John G. 
       Johnstone. The liturgical function of the tropes / Ritva 
       Jonsson. On the nature of transmission and change in trope
       repertories / Alejandro Enrique Planchart. Zum Verständnis
       des 'klassischen' tropus / Bruno Stablein -- pt. 2. 
       Aquitaine and the West. Northern French elements in an 
       early Aquitainian troper / Paul Evans. A new voice in the 
       monastery : tropes and versus from eleventh- and twelfth-
       century Aquitaine / James Grier. Further notes on the 
       grouping of the Aquitanian tropers / David G. Hughes -- 
       pt. 3. St. Gall and the East. Tropentypen in Sankt Gallen 
       / Gunilla Björkvall and Andreas Haug. Some observations on
       the repertory of tropes at St. Emmeran, Regensburg / David
       Hiley. From Tuotilo to the first manuscripts : the shaping
       of a trope repertory at Saint Gall / Susan Rankin -- pt. 
       4. The Ordinary. The earliest Agnus Dei melody and its 
       tropes / Charles M. Atkinson. The Kyrie trope / David A. 
       Bjork. Pax et sapientia : a thematic study on tropes from 
       different traditions / Gunilla Iversen. Introducing the 
       Gloria in excelsis / Thomas Forrest Kelly -- pt. 5. Tropes
       in the Office. Melismatic tropes in the responsories for 
       Matins / Hans-Jörgen Holman. New music from old : the 
       structuring of responsory prosas / Thomas Forrest Kelly. 
610 20 Catholic Church|xLiturgy. 
650  0 Tropes (Music)|xHistory and criticism. 
700 1  Planchart, Alejandro Enrique. 
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