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050 00 ML3082|b.C466 2009 
245 00 Chant and its origins /|cedited by Thomas Forrest Kelly. 
260    Farnham, England  ;|aBurlington, VT :|bAshgate,|cc2009. 
300    xix, 522 p. :|bill. ;|c25 cm. 
440  0 Music in medieval Europe. 
500    Collection of previously published articles. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Part I. General overviews of scholarship. Gregorian 
       studies in the twenty-first century / Richard Crocker. 
       Writings on Western plainchant in the 1980s and 1990s / 
       David Hiley -- Part II. Early history. Jerusalem and Rome 
       (and Constantinople) : the musical heritage of two great 
       cities in the formation of the medieval chant traditions /
       Peter Jeffery. The singing of psalms in the early-medieval
       office / Joseph Dyer. The eighth-century Frankish-Roman 
       communion cycle / James McKinnon -- Part III. Editions and
       repertories. The critical edition of the Roman gradual by 
       the monks of Solesmes / Jacque Froger. Research on the 
       antiphoner : problems and perspectives / Hartmut Möller --
       Part IV. Analytical studies. Some remarks on Jean Claire's
       octoechos / László Dobszay. The offertory chant of the 
       Roman liturgy and its musical form / Joseph Dyer. The 
       Gregorian office antiphons and the comparative method / 
       Edward Nowacki -- Part V. Roman and Frankish chant. The 
       central problem of Gregorian chant / Willi Apel. Die 
       Entstehung des gregorianischen Chorals / Bruno Stäblein. 
       The question of the 'old-Roman' chant : a reappraisal / 
       Paul F. Cutter. Papal schola versus Charlemagne / S.J.P. 
       van Dijk. Introits and archetypes : some archaisms of the 
       old Roman chant / Thomas H. Connolly. Toward a new 
       historical view of Gregorian chant / Helmut Hucke. 
       Gregorian chant and the Romans / Kenneth Levy. Remarks on 
       Roman and non-Roman offertories / Andreas Pfisterer -- 
       Part VI. Other chant traditions. The development and 
       chronology of the Ambrosian sanctorale ; the evidence of 
       the antiphon texts  / Terence Bailey. The Beneventan chant
       / Thomas Forrest Kelly. The old Hispanic rite as evidence 
       for the earliest forms of the Western Christian liturgies 
       / Don M. Randel. 
650  0 Gregorian chants|xHistory and criticism. 
700 1  Kelly, Thomas Forrest. 
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