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050 00 E767|b.A88 2000 
100 1  Auchincloss, Louis. 
245 10 Woodrow Wilson /|cLouis Auchincloss. 
260    New York :|bViking,|c2000. 
300    128 p. ;|c20 cm. 
490 1  A Penguin life 
500    "A Lipper/Viking book." 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 127-128  ) and 
520 1  "In this portrait of Woodrow Wilson, Auchincloss examines 
       the president who is perhaps better remembered for the 
       force of his personality than for his accomplishments. A 
       man of enormous energy but plagued by ill health, an 
       admirer of the parliamentary system whose contentious 
       relationship with Congress led to the crushing defeat of 
       his cherished League of Nations, Wilson remains a 
       fascinating enigma. We will always be left to ponder the 
       extent to which his character shaped our century's 
       history." "This study sheds new light on Wilson's 
       upbringing and career, from the grim determination that 
       enabled him to overcome dyslexia to his skillful dance of 
       isolationism and intervention in World War I. From the 
       dynamic figure whose ringing speeches hypnotized vast 
       crowds, to the gentle voice reading poetry to his children,
       to the rising academic and president of Princeton who made
       the giant leap into politics."--BOOK JACKET. 
600 10 Wilson, Woodrow,|d1856-1924. 
650  0 Presidents|zUnited States|vBiography. 
830  0 Penguin lives series. 
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