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020    9781598843965 (pbk : alk. paper) 
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050 00 PN6710|b.R598 2010 
100 1  Rourke, James. 
245 14 The comic book curriculum :|busing comics to enhance 
       learning and life /|cJames Rourke. 
260    Santa Barbara, Calif. :|bLibraries Unlimited,|cc2010. 
300    xii, 189 p. ;|c26 cm. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
520 1  "Comics have more depth than might be supposed. Superman 
       is an immigrant from another planet. Batman exhibits a 
       high level of moral development. The Bushido code is alive
       and well in Wolverine, while Spider-Man's greatest 
       strength is his compassion for others. What if these 
       qualities could be tied to classroom topics, inspiring 
       kids to read and learn?" "The Comic Book Curriculum: Using
       Comics to Enhance Learning and Life shows teachers how to 
       use these ever-popular stories to enliven any classroom. 
       The book does not suggest replacing classic works with 
       comics. What it does offer is ideas and techniques for 
       using comics to generate interest in a topic and for 
       transferring that enthusiasm to more traditional classroom
       lessons." "The first section of the book introduces 
       superheroes and the sometimes surprising depth and 
       thoughtfulness of comics. For example, it shows how the X-
       Men can be used to illuminate the Civil Rights movement, 
       the dangers of fundamentalism, and the power of diversity.
       Similar treatment is afforded to other popular characters 
       such as Batman and Superman, and curriculum connections 
       are made to topics that include the struggle between 
       freedom and security, Norse mythology, the Holocaust, and 
       nuclear disarmament. The second part of the book offers 
       specific tools that will help teachers use comics as a 
       welcome---and effective---doorway to learning."--BOOK 
650  0 Comic books, strips, etc.|xStudy and teaching. 
650  0 Comic strip characters|xStudy and teaching. 
650  0 Education|xCurricula. 
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