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050 00 QA22|b.R86 2007 
100 1  Rudman, Peter Strom. 
245 10 How mathematics happened :|bthe first 50,000 years /
       |cPeter S. Rudman. 
260    Amherst, N.Y. :|bPrometheus Books,|c2007. 
300    314 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 295-308) and 
505 00 |tList of figures --|tList of tables --|tPreface --|g1.
       |tIntroduction --|g1.1.|tMathematical Darwinism --|g1.2. 
       The|treplacement concept --|g1.3.|tNumber systems --|g2. 
       The|tbirth of arithmetic --|g2.1.|tPattern recognition 
       evolves into counting --|g2.2.|tCounting in hunter-
       gatherer cultures --|g3.|tPebble counting evolves into 
       written numbers --|g3.1.|tHerder-farmer and urban cultures
       in the valley of the Nile --|g3.2.|tHerder-farmer and 
       urban cultures by the waters of Babylon --|g3.3.|tIn the 
       jungles of the Maya --|g4.|tMathematics in the valley of 
       the Nile --|g4.1.|tEgyptian multiplication --|g4.2.
       |tEgyptian fractions --|g4.3.|tEgyptian algebra --|g4.4.
       |tPyramidiots --|g5.|tMathematics by the waters of Babylon
       --|g5.1.|tBabylonian multiplication --|g5.2.|tBabylonian 
       fractions --|g5.3.|tPlimpton 322, the enigma --|g5.4.
       |tBabylonian algebra --|g5.5.|tBabylonian calculation of 
       square root of 2 --|g6.|tMathematics attains maturity : 
       rigorous proof --|g6.1.|tPythagoras --|g6.2.|tEratosthenes
       --|g6.3.|tHippasus --|g7.|tWe learn history to be able to 
       repeat it --|g7.1.|tTeaching mathematics in ancient Greece
       and how we should but do not --|tAppendix : Answers to fun
       questions --|tNotes and references --|tIndex. 
650  0 Mathematics, Ancient. 
650  0 Mathematics, Babylonian. 
650  0 Mathematics|zEgypt|xHistory. 
650  0 Metrology|zEgypt|xHistory. 
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