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New Books at Waggoner Library
Organic mushroom farming and mycoremediation : simple to advanced and experimental techniques for indoor and outdoor cultivation / Tradd Cotter.
cover imageWhat would it take to grow mushrooms in space? How can mushroom cultivation help us manage, or at least make use of, invasive species such as kudzu and water hyacinth and thereby reduce dependence on herbicides? Is it possible to develop a low-cost and easy-to-implement mushroom-growing kit that would provide high-quality edible protein and bioremediation in the wake of a natural disaster? How can we advance our understanding of morel cultivation so that growers stand a better chance of success? For more than twenty years, mycology expert Tradd Cotter has been pondering these questions and conducting trials in search of the answers. In Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation, Cotter not only offers readers an in-depth exploration of best organic mushroom cultivation practices; he shares the results of his groundbreaking research and offers myriad ways to apply your cultivation skills and further incorporate mushrooms into your life--whether your goal is to help your community clean up industrial pollution or simply to settle down at the end of the day with a cold Reishi-infused homebrew ale.
The Church in response to human need / edited by Vinay Samuel and Christopher Sugden.
cover image"There are many new books written (especially from the Emergent Church movement) about the church breaking out of its walls and touching lives throughout the world. In a large personal library of world aid, humanitarian service, social justice, and compassion [this text ranks] first place in [libraries] on such topics. This was a book that is detailed in some areas, engaging in other areas, and thoroughly insightful on issues of social justice, compassion, mission, political/social change, and filled with insights from people from many cultures, nations, and perspectives who wrote each chapter. Admittedly, this compendium of "white papers" was distilled after one of the Lausanne meetings (Wheaton 1983) and could be viewed as dated and irrelevant to the 21st Century. However, the ideas, the suggestions, the data and more could not be more relevant for today's world. Yes, some of the data needs to be adjusted to current information (world population, etc.) but there is very little, if any, changes in the nature, the call, the critique and challenges given out by these authors. Whether the author of each chapter is from South America, Europe, the Asian sub-continent, or the western world I have rarely found a volume that has challenged [personal] thinking for the causes of social transformation than this one...This is not only a volume that is informative, but ...filled with practical ideas for implementation, for changing the ethnocentrism of the church, and changing the means and ways that churches respond to the needs of the world." --
Sharing good news with the poor / edited by Bruce J. Nicholls and Beulah Wood.
cover imageThis penetrating volume arises out of the growing concern of evangelical Christians worldwide to contextualize the gospel in the realm of the poor and dispossessed. The 19 papers of missiological and theological reflection dialogue with the 17 case studies that clarify the issues and provide windows on success and failures in applying evangelical theology. The conclusion is that the church's primary challenge is the evangelization of the worlds poor, a task that will only be fulfilled by a proper integration between evangelism, church planting, social service, and justice.
Standards for the 21st-century learner in action / American Association of School Librarians.
cover imageHow are AASL's new learning standards, the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner, incorporated into the school library media program? How are AASL's new learning standards, the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner, incorporated into the school library media program? This publication from AASL takes an indepth look at the strands of the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner and the indicators within those strands. It also answers such critical questions as how do the strands - the skills, dispositions in action, responsibilities, and self-assessment strategies - relate to one another? Benchmarks are provided along with examples that show how to put the learning standards into action. This is a practical book with examples of how to maximize the application of the learning standards at different grade levels. The colorful pages are full of graphics and charts that make for easy reference. A glossary is also provided to define key concepts found throughout the book. This sound, practical book is guaranteed to aid school library media specialists and other educators in bringing 21st-century skills into the heart of the learning process.
Backwards in high heels : Faith Whittlesey, Reagan's Madam Ambassador in Switzerland and the West Wing / Thomas J. Carty.
cover image"Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did," so the saying goes, "but she did it backwards and in high heels." Faith Whittlesey popularized this quotation during the 1980s, and many books attribute the line to her. The message clearly resonated with a generation of American men and women coming to age in the late 20th century, when all things seemed possible. In this book Faith Whittlesey gives concrete meaning to the quotation through her life and career as an effective "Madam Ambassador" in the worlds of both money and politics. Raised in western New York State by highly motivated Irish-American parents of limited means, she worked to reach an eminent position as Ronald Reagan's Ambassador to Switzerland (twice), and to serve as the highest-ranking woman on Reagan's White House staff from 1983-1985. There she occupied the West Wing office soon to be Hillary Clinton's, and as a widow (since 1974) with three children provided a female influence of her own to a presidential culture well before it was fashionable. In addition to her activities in U.S. policy and politics, for more than 30 years Whittlesey has proven to be one of the most important liaisons between the United States and Switzerland, a sister republic as well as financial superpower. Whether operating from her second floor office in the White House's West Wing or the bucolic Ambassador's residence in Bern, Switzerland, Whittlesey made a practice to advocate Reagan's policies through thoughtful debate and persuasive argumentation. After leaving government service, she practiced private-sector diplomacy, serving from 1989 as Chairman and then Emeritus of the American Swiss Foundation, which endeavors to promote understanding between the two nations, organizing several private high-level delegations to visit China, and participating, both publicly and also at times "behind the scenes," in discussion of the most significant public policy issues of recent decades. This book provides a fascinating look into how one woman, despite daunting obstacles, was able to achieve exceptional influence, thence use her position for the furtherance of common good.
Your life with cancer : a guide to spiritual discovery, practical help, and hope / Kay Marshall Strom.
cover imageEveryone has advice: Eat more of this or less of that. Take chemo and she died. What should you believe? Faced with fear and an unknown future, you ask Where are you, God? Do you even hear me? Your battle with cancer will be physical; but first and foremost, it will be spiritual. Your Life with Cancer connects you with God and His faithfulness to you in this circumstance. You will find strength to trust Him with what you cannot understand. Your Life with Cancer doesn t promise a cure. But it will deliver hope, spiritual encouragement, and practical ways to cope. God will enable you to endure the fear and the treatment and come through with peace and joy.
Exodus / J. Gerald Janzen.
The book of Exodus is a story about "going out," and as such, it touches on something all of us have in common. Each of our lives is marked by different kinds of goings out and comings in. J. Gerald Janzen explains the story of the exodus from Egypt as both the story of a particular people and a revelation of God's concern for the liberation and redemption of all people. The lessons of Exodus are both encouraging and sobering - encouraging because they hold out hope for all who are oppressed by forces over which they have no control, and sobering because they caution the liberated not to perpetuate the evils under which they suffered.
A room called Remember : uncollected pieces / Frederick Buechner.
cover imageA Room Called Remember brings together some of Buechner's finest writings on faith, love, and the power of words in the form of essays, addresses, and sermons.
Saying it well : touching others with your words / Charles R. Swindoll.
cover imageDiscusses the fundamentals of effective communication and public speaking, including preparing for a speech, organizing thoughts, speaking with authority, persuasion, and overcoming public speaking fears.
King of the campus / Stephen Lutz
cover image"God's purpose for you at college isn't merely to get an education. It's to join him in the work he's already doing there. You have been gifted and shaped to participate in the kingdom of God--right now, on your Stephen Lutz considers why the kingship of Christ really matters and examines what it looks like to have Jesus as King over five key areas of university life: church and Christian fellowship, relationships, academics and work, organizational leadership, partying and pleasure. The story God has for you is bigger and more compelling than a list of "do's" and "don'ts." Learn to thrive as you partner with God in the change he is bringing to your life, to your campus, and to the world."--page 4 of cover