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New Education books at Waggoner Library
Standards for the 21st-century learner in action / American Association of School Librarians.
cover imageHow are AASL's new learning standards, the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner, incorporated into the school library media program? How are AASL's new learning standards, the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner, incorporated into the school library media program? This publication from AASL takes an indepth look at the strands of the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner and the indicators within those strands. It also answers such critical questions as how do the strands - the skills, dispositions in action, responsibilities, and self-assessment strategies - relate to one another? Benchmarks are provided along with examples that show how to put the learning standards into action. This is a practical book with examples of how to maximize the application of the learning standards at different grade levels. The colorful pages are full of graphics and charts that make for easy reference. A glossary is also provided to define key concepts found throughout the book. This sound, practical book is guaranteed to aid school library media specialists and other educators in bringing 21st-century skills into the heart of the learning process.
Learning to listen, learning to teach : the power of dialogue in educating adults / Jane Vella.
cover imageIn this updated version of her landmark book, celebrated adult educator Jane Vella revisits her twelve principles of dialogue education with a new theoretical perspective gleaned from the discipline of quantum physics.
Teach with your strengths : how great teachers inspire their students / by Rosanne Liesveld and Jo Ann Miller with Jennifer Robison.
cover image"In Teach With Your Strengths, you'll hear from great teachers, many of whom reveal their unorthodox - and sure to be controversial - approaches."-inside jacket.
The core six : essential strategies for achieving excellence with the common core / Harvey F. Silver, R. Thomas Dewing, Matthew J. Perini ; foreword by Heidi Hayes Jacobs.
cover imageIf you already have a strong grasp on the Common Core and are eager to do something about it, this book's research-based strategies will help you respond to the demands of the new standards, particularly the English language arts standards that affect every subject area and grade level. Drawing from the research on which classroom strategies are your "best bets" for improving student achievement, the authors provide what you need to reinforce the Common Core in your lessons, including: a rationale for using each strategy to address the goals of the common core; research that supports the use of each strategy; steps for implementing each strategy in the classroom; sample lessons in multiple grade levels and subjects; and planning considerations to make certain your use of the strategy helps students become better at reading, understanding, using, and communicating rigorous texts. This practical book's teaching recommendations and sample lessons draw on six tips for inspired instruction that ensure your lessons capture students' interest, deepen their understanding, and extend their thinking about required course content. --Publisher description.
Praxis II elementary education : content knowledge (0014) exam secrets study guide.
cover imagePraxis II test review for the Praxis II: subject assessments.
Inside school turnarounds : urgent hopes, unfolding stories / Laura Pappano.
cover imageExamines the work of administrators, teachers, parents, and students who are deeply involved in the work of school turnaround, attempting to bring about rapid and dramatic improvement in test scores, culture, attitude, and student aspirations.
Managing hard times : how five colleges survived the Great Depression / Gene Spears.
cover image"This book follows the struggles of five private colleges, Campbell College, Davidson College, Lees-McRae College, Louisburg College and Wake Forest College through the Great Depression of the 1930's and examined the strategies they adopted to survive the grim decade." --back cover.
Active learning spaces / Paul Baepler, D. Christopher Brooks, J.D. Walker, editors.
cover image"When we think about some of the main concepts that are embodied in the recent teaching and learning paradigm shift, we think about student engagement, active learning, collaboration, and peer instruction. And when we reflect upon the impediments to making these things happen in courses, instructors often indict the physical spaces in which they teach. The configuration of classrooms, the technology within them, and the behaviors they encourage are frequently represented as a barrier to enacting student-centered teaching methods, because traditionally designed rooms typically lack flexibility in seating arrangement, are configured to privilege a speaker at the front of the room, and lack technology to facilitate student collaboration. But many colleges and universities are redesigning the spaces in which students learn, collapsing traditional lecture halls and labs to create new, hybrid spaces -- large technology-enriched studios -- with the flexibility to support active and collaborative learning in larger class sizes. With this change, our classrooms are coming to embody the 21st-century pedagogy which many educators accept, and research and teaching practice are beginning to help us to understand the educational implications of thoughtfully engineered classrooms -- in particular, that space and how we use it affects what, how, and how much students learn"--P. [4] of cover.
READ : seventy strategies to support student success / Kimberly Kimbell-Lopez, Carrice Cummins.
cover image"This goldmine of techniques and strategies is based ont he 5 + 2 essential of literacy instruction. These seven essential elements are phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension as identified by the National Readying Panel Report, plus oral language and writing."-back cover.
Educational research : the interrelationship of questions, sampling, design, and analysis / James B. Schreiber, Kimberly Asner-Self.
cover image"Researchers finally have a resource that focuses on the research question, providing them with a unique approach that will help in the field. Key Ideas sections presented in each chapter act as an organising mechanism and look at the big picture of that chapter. Many of the writing activities are open-ended questions that allow them to write questions or what they are thinking about the topic at that point. In-Text Activities ask them to write down what they are working on, such as a research question, review of literature, or potential sample. Case study examples are also integrated throughout to demonstrate how decisions are made and how they affect everything in a study. This enables researchers to create the most effective studies"--Provided by publisher.
Teacher supervision and evaluation : theory into practice / James F. Nolan, Jr., Linda A. Hoover.
cover image"This concise new edition equips teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to transform teacher supervision and evaluation into a powerful vehicle for maximizing growth and enhancing student learning. New and reconceptualized content has been integrated throughout the pages. New case studies, examples, and vignettes have been included to offer the most up-to-date information. Additional pedagogical tools have been added as well to help build understanding. These include skill and concept development exercises, discussion question, and theory-into-practice applications. This practical approach enables teachers to gain a new perspective on the classroom experience."-- Provided by publisher.
The turnaround mindset : aligning leadership for student success / Tierney Temple Fairchild, Jo Lynne DeMary ; foreword by Mark R. Warner.
cover image"This book provides a valuable balance between what one must know and what one must do to turn around low-performing schools. The 3-E framework simplifies this complex process by focusing resources on the environment, the executive, and the execution of the turnaround plan. A set of case studies on individuals who have led successful turnarounds of schools gives life to the theoretical concepts"-- Provided by publisher.
Condition critical : key principles for equitable and inclusive education / by Diana Lawrence-Brown, Mara Sapon-Shevin ; with Contributions by Janet Sauer, Graciela Slesaransky-Poe, Ana Maria GarcĂ­a, Stacey N. Skoning, Kathryn Henn-Reinke,David J. Connor, Subini A. Annamma, Robin Smith, Elizabeth B. Kozleski, Laura Atkinson, JoDell Heroux, Susan Peters, Maryl Randel, Valerie Owen, Kathleen Kotel, Julie Ramirez, Virginia Zeitlin, Elizabeth Dejewski, & David Feingold ; foreword by Nirmala Erevelles.
cover image"This important book provides a unique merging of disability studies, critical multiculturalism, and social justice advocacy to develop both the knowledge base and the essential insights for understanding and implementing fully inclusive education. Although inclusion is often viewed in schools as primarily serving students with disabilities, this volume expands the definition to include students with a broad range of traditionally marginalized differences (including but not limited to disabilities, cultural/linguistic/racial background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and class). Chapters provide 12 key principles important to developing and applying a critical perspective toward educating diverse students and promoting equity and inclusion. Book Features [include]: personal stories that make concepts accessible to new and pre-service teachers; application exercises ideal for courses and professional development workshops; highlight boxes that raise additional questions for discussion and debate; and interactive, multimodal instructional activities to use with many kinds of learners." -- Publisher's description.
Getting teacher evaluation right : what really matters for effectiveness and improvement / Linda Darling-Hammond.
cover imageIn her new book, Linda Darling-Hammond makes a case for a research-based approach to teacher evaluation that supports collaborative models of teacher planning and learning. She outlines the most current research informing evaluation of teaching practice that incorporates evidence of what teachers do and what their students learn. In addition, she examines the harmful consequences of using any single student test as a basis for evaluating individual teachers. Finally, Darling-Hammond offers a vision of teacher evaluation as part of a teaching and learning system that supports continuous improvement, both for individual teachers and for the profession as a whole.
Leading educational change: global issues, challenges, and lessons on whole-system reform / Helen Janc Malone ; foreword by Michael Fullan.
cover imageThis collection features original essays from international superstars in the field of educational change. Each ''think piece'' draws on the latest knowledge from research, policy, and practice to provide important insights for creating systemic, meaningful reform. The authors directly address contemporary challenges, misconceptions, and failed strategies, while also offering solutions, ideas, and guiding questions for examination. Unique in its breadth of ideas and diversity of voices, Leading Educational Change is must-reading for education decision makers on all levels, frontline practitioners, and everyone involved with children and adolescent learning. Together with the online companion Instructor's Guide, this is also a perfect text for educational leadership and policy courses. -- Back cover
Private enterprise and public education / edited by Frederick M. Hess, Michael B. Horn.
cover image"The growth of for-profit providers in the K?16 education sector has generated more than its fair share of controversy. From the emergence of charter schools to postsecondary options such as the University of Phoenix, for-profit providers have been lauded for their capacity to serve historically underserved populations but derided for their pursuit of profit?which, critics argue, happens at the expense of the public good."
Reaching and teaching students in poverty : strategies for erasing the opportunity gap / Paul C. Gorski.
cover imageThe author draws from decades of research to deconstruct popular myths, misconceptions, and educational practices that undercut the achievement of low-income students. He carefully describes the challenges that students in poverty face and the resiliencies they and their families draw upon. Most importantly, this book provides specific, evidence-based strategies for teaching youth by creating equitable, bias-free learning environments. Written in an appealing conversational tone, this resource will help teachers and school leaders to better reach and teach students in poverty.
Educating activist allies : social justice pedagogy with the suburban and urban elite / Katy M. Swalwell.
cover image"Educating Activist Allies offers a fresh take on critical education studies through an analysis of social justice pedagogy in schools serving communities privileged by race and class. By documenting the practices of socially committed teachers at an urban private academy and a suburban public school, Katy Swalwell helps educators and educational theorists better understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in this work. She also examines how students responded to their teachers' efforts in ways that both undermined and realized the goals of social justice pedagogy. This analysis serves as the foundation for the development of a curricular framework helping students to foster an "Activist Ally" identity: the skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary to negotiate privilege in ways that promote justice. Educating Activist Allies provides a powerful introduction to the ways in which social justice curricula can and should be enacted in communities of privilege."-- Provided by publisher.
Surviving to thriving : a planning framework for leaders of private colleges & universities / Joanne Soliday & Rick Mann.
cover image"Surviving to thriving details a pathway that will enable higher education institutions to foster resilience and reinvention while maintaining the core commitment to educate citizens for the common good. In these turbulent times, this manuscript is engaging, organized, and filled with helpful insights. If college board members, presidents, and their senior leadership teams read this guide and implement the principles outlined in its pages, the next decade will be a period of positive growth and development for private higher education institutions ... Turbulent times, indeed - navigating the higher education landscape today presents a multi-faceted challenge to leaders of private colleges and universities. While some institutions close their doors, face declining retention, or struggle with a lack of direction, others work carefully and intentionally to hone their leadership team, plan for the future using targeted research and tools for accountability, and meet students where they are to provide them with the best tools for learning and success"--Book jacket.
Doing the scholarship of teaching and learning : measuring systematic changes to teaching and improvements in learning / Regan A.R. Gurung, Janie H. Wilson, editors.
cover imageThe Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) should be an integral part of every academics life, representing not only the pinnacle of effortful teaching, but also standing side by side with more conventional disciplinary scholarship. Although practiced by many instructors for years, SoTL has garnered national attention resulting in a spate of new journals to publish pedagogical research. SoTL helps students, fosters faculty development, and has been integrated into higher education. This volume provides readers with challenges that will motivate them to engage in SoTL and take their pedagogical research further. Included are many key features aimed to help both the teacher new to research and SoTL, and also researchers who may have a long list of scholarly publications in non-pedagogical areas and who have not conducted research. -- From back cover.